VII/The Unique Twin

When the Imperial Reverend appeared, Gar Hap went back to defense pose and respectfully greeted her in full Mogo ritual. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and bowed, asserting:
“I am Gar Hap from Mogo! On the way, I saw something bad unfold, so I couldn't help but to jump on and offer my assistance! Sincere apologies if I have alarmed your noble kingdom!"
Without hiding anything, Gar Hap looked straight at the Imperial Reverend in front of him – she was not Viet but she wore a necklace in the shape of a golden tortoise shell, symbolizing high-ranking officials in this country's court. As far as he was taught, only the Viet Queen wore a crown with a white feathered water bird, the Imperial Reverend and the Seventeen Generals wore a golden tortoise shell necklace, the royal family members or people who were engaged with them wore a five-color tail rooster bracelet, the lower-ranking officials were granted a gold card engraved with an ox. All were mascots with important meanings in the spiritual life and culture of Viet Kingdom.
Rumor had it that these mascots were all legendary creatures, and while many Viet people tried to summon them as spirits, no one had succeeded. The Imperial Reverend’s clothes were quite revealing, making Gar Hap blush all of a sudden. In Mogo, women never showed so much skin. From childhood to adulthood, Gar Hap had never seen a woman's bare feet, let alone more. He shifted his gaze to the Imperial Reverend's sharp blade to avoid looking too embarrassed. At this point, Gar Hap was both shocked and full of admiration! This scythe was absolutely no ordinary weapon, he couldn’t be fully sure but with the number of jewels carved on the blade and the powerful magical aura surrounding it, it should be at least level 8 - no, maybe it could even reach level 10 should also!
Gar Hap had only seen a level 10 weapon once in his life, soon the image of the Imperial Reverend's revealing flesh slipped from his mind, he pointed at the scythe, excited:
“Is this a superior weapon?!”
Osahar glanced at Gar Hap, raised an eyebrow, uncertain whether the fool before her was pushy or disrespectful. She then decided to ignore his question, walking towards the seriously injured man first, her feet gliding gently as if not touching the ground.
The Sheido woman saw the appearance of the Imperial Reverend, reached out to stop her, then hesitated to withdraw, a fierce struggle appeared in her eyes. Seeing that, Osahar drew her scythe back, and held out her palm that was glittering green, showing that she was knowledgeable in medicine.
The fatal wound – a stab directly through the abdominal cavity of this Sheido woman – was so precise and would not be easy to heal from. The woman sunk into a trance, sweat beaded on her forehead - a stubborn person, Osahar judged to herself, if it were a commoner, she would have touched down on the land of the Gods long ago.
She tilted her face to look at the woman, her golden eyes gave others chills.
"I don't think you can last much longer."
But as soon as she took a closer look at the Sheido woman's face, Osahar suddenly noticed something unusual. Sweat beaded on her forehead, her small eyes twitched constantly, biting her lips as if to restrain herself, her hands trembled slightly.
“You… Could it be?! The Unique Twin Technique?!”
The female Sheido looked at Osahar, didn't answer, and put her hand on the hilt of her sword in anticipation. "I was right," Osahar thought to herself. The Unique Twin is Sheido's secret technique, which she had read about while studying forbidden magic. This technique was used between two people, a man and a woman who were not related by blood. It was a blood oath, all emotions and physical pain would be divided between the two, especially during the moment of death. If one person wished, all powers and skills could be transferred to the other. However, this technique was not without flaws, these two people from the time they took the oath until the time of their death could not be too far apart, could not have physical pleasures and would always remain strong-will, or else they would suffer from serious side effects. In this situation, the other man still retained a piece of his life because the man was sharing half the excruciating pain, buying more time to wait for assistance.
Gar Hap appeared confused, having no idea what the Imperial Reverend had just asked the Sheido woman. Although a little angry at being ignored, Gar Hap did not hold his grudge for long. He ran to the side of the victims, magnanimously said:
“Can you help? I heard the man before saying that you were his wife, but you left to run after this person?! Although I don't know the story well, it's too cruel to act like this anyway, whatever you say, I will definitely give my best to help!"
Osahar wanted to laugh, this idiot was really defenseless and naive, easily led by a Chi man with a few tricks up his sleeves. She performed basic medical techniques, stopped the bleeding in the victim's abdominal cavity and temporarily soothed the woman's sleep. Seeing the male Sheido's eyes soften, she knew the pain had eased somewhat. Standing up straight, Osahar said:
“That eye of yours needs to be treated too, or else you won't be able to keep it. And this person, although it is very difficult but not impossible: To save him, we must use Spiriti Gramen! But this is not something that is easy to find, nor is it available in Viet Kingdom…”