Story Prologue

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In the Temple of Wisdom, the Wise Men of Remus taught that eons ago, during the Age of Chaos, this infinite universe was shrouded in darkness, ruled by the mightiest Gods of the lands.
To bring light and give life to the wandering and lost souls amidst the endless flow of time, the Gods joined forces and crafted the Rainbow Pearl. Blessed by the Gods, the Pearl absorbed the cosmic essence and the Gods’ primordial power, carrying within itself the ultimate mission of ending the infinite darkness and pouring all its energy into the little souls that were gradually taking shapes. The Rainbow Pearl needs thousands of years to reach its highest form of perfection to serve the Gods’ ultimate purpose. They cannot, even for a split of a second, take Their eyes off the most precious treasure in the whole universe – the Pearl shall not absorb any darkness, nor should it stay too close with one God for too long or the Pearl would damage the God’s Essence. The only way was to assign seven dragons with unparalleled power to guard the precious Pearl: Viridescere, Inferno, Nautikos, Quietus, Ophidian, Tenebrae, and another dragon so mysterious that there was no trace left of it – not even a name.
All this time, the seven dragons stood side by side to protect the Rainbow Pearl. The Pearl harvested all the power surrounding it and became tenfold more powerful, with its seven radiant shades oscillating brilliantly. Legend has it that the light of the mighty sun and the magic of the mysterious moon were both the primordial spirits of the Pearl – which turned into ores to give birth to the divine spirit – the quintessential body of the Beast. Until one day, a very small crack appeared on the Rainbow Pearl. From that crack, an eerie black light crept outside. In just a short time, the seven dragons could feel their power flowing under every single scale. Their horns grew higher, sharper; their eyes fiercer, and it was as if there was a voice whispering sweet nothings in their ears: “Those foolish Gods are nothing compared to us! We have guarded this Pearl for so long – We shall be its true owners!” The seven dragons grew more and more arrogant, to the point they dared challenging the power of the Gods to which they have sworn their allegiance. The Gods could not tolerate the dragons’ disrespect: A cosmic-shaking battle raged on for 49 days. From the very first moment of the battle, the Gods realized that the seven dragons were not what they used to be: they had inadvertently absorbed the dark energy leaking from the Pearl. But it was too late: The Pearl had cracked; the dragons had betrayed the Gods.
On the 49th day, the Rainbow Pearl had cracked and on the verge of exploding. The dragons, exhausted, bowed down in defeat before the Gods. Witnessing the precious Pearl about to go to waste, the Gods were forced to do something unprecedented: They sacrificed the flesh, the blood, and the souls of the seven sacred dragons to heal the cracks on the Pearl. The moment the dragon flesh sunk into the Rainbow Pearl came the birth of Sedrah – or Ruins of the Seven Dragons in ancient tongue. For the first time in the infinite universe, a world with the first life was formed with seven races manifested from the flesh and blood of the sacred dragons: Ragna, Remus, Mogo, Sheido, Chi, Finx, and Viet.