L7 Wallet Setup

Step-to-step guideline on how your set your Legend of The 7 Kingdoms Wallet
1.Login with your crypto wallet
If you have been a part of the GameFi community, sure you already have a crypto wallet. But if you haven’t, it is quite simple to sign up for one, for instance MetaMask — the most common wallet at the moment. When you are done with this, just link your crypto wallet to your L7 Marketplace by simply clicking on “Login with Metamask”.
2.Sign in wallet
Next step is to sign in your wallet. Before you agree to purchase or to sell any items, you will be asked to sign in your wallet to allow the transaction to get through. Every transaction will be shown on your Metamask account, therefore it is completely safe & trackable.
3.Register L7 account
After done with your wallet, now register for your L7’s NFT Marketplace account with your unique username & password.