NFT Marketplace

Earning profits while playing is the revolution step of the gaming industry which is now possible with the release of NFT marketplace. Marketplace features will allow players to bring along their inventories and sell them at a fixed price for normal items or in the form of an auction for the rare and special assets. Multiple crypto currencies can be accepted via cross-chain bridge. An amount of tax will be applied for each successful transaction and will be burnt later.
Earn in-game inventory & list them on NFT marketplace
When you successfully log in to the world of L7, you will see a list of characters well prepared for you to select. Through game playing, you will earn a number of items. Anything you own will appear in your In-Game Inventory & NFT Inventory. It is all up to you whether you want to list your items on the NFT Marketplace. Recently listed & recently sold items will be shown at accepting different currencies including L7, WBNB and BUSD.
Trading in L7 NFT Marketplace
There are options for players to use in NFT Marketplace though Sale, Redeem and Equip functions.
Buy & Sell: Trade your items at fixed price or in the form of an auction
  • Fixed Price: Sellers can list items on the NFT marketplace at a fixed price, and when a player pays the amount of tokens needed to purchase the selling items, the transaction will be completed.
  • Timed Auction: After sellers set the bidding time and initial bidding price, anyone who desires to purchase the item can bid for it. Please note that, after the last bid, closing time will be automatically added 10 more minutes to make sure that players have a fair time to notice the last bid and to go even higher in the auction if they wish to. After that, sellers can pick the one they are most satisfied with (the highest price or any price that sellers prefer).
Redeem: TBU
Old but Gold! Who wouldn’t want to let the world know how glorious and rare your items are when some of it represents a fortune? In L7 NFT Marketplace, this option is available for you if you want to bring your items to trade on other greater platforms.
And suddenly if you change your mind, decide to craft and enchant an even more desirable item or save it for later bigger in-game battle, then all you have to do is to put it back to your in-game Inventory.
That’s it! Now you know everything you need to know to start your journey on Legend of The 7 Kingdoms NFT Marketplace! We wish you the best, you mighty ruler!