Item Enchantment

ENCHANTING & CRAFTING are the 2 options in L7’s gameplay that allow players to power up items, and make them a lot more special than the common goods you usually find in in-game shops. When successfully crafted or enchanted, items become exceptionally stronger, and guarantee a higher winning rate in battles. Thus, it should be worth a fortune in the NFT Marketplace.
Enchantmenting is the first way to heat up your game against other players. Better items equals higher success rate. Here is a guideline on how to get yourself started on enchanting. In L7, Gems are used to enchant items.
Every item is at Level 1 by default. After each successful enchantment, the equipment will be increased by 1 level and of course, becomes much stronger. Each time enchantment the item increases by 1 level for each successful enchantment. The number of gems needed for enchantment is equal to the level to be increased. The higher the level, the lower the success rate. Each time the enchantment fails, the player will lose all of the gems used. Note that from level 12 and above, each failed enchantment will cause the weapon to drop by 1 level. For example, if the equipment is at level 12, the player enchants to level 13 and fails, the weapon will be downgraded to level 11. The highest possible level is 16 for all items.
Gems can be purchased using $SEC, L7’s in-game currency. Other than that, with luck on your side - you can get games by:
🔸 Mining in Goldmines for $SEC, which is used to purchase Gems afterwards
🔸 Winning in Battlefields
🔸 Daily Login's Reward
🔸 Participating and claim victory in special events, quests, tournaments
🔸 By referrals to other players.