How to Earn Gold & $SEC

The L7 world has a battle system with NPCs in the game. Players must go to battlefields or arenas to compete with NPCs. If the player wins, the player will be rewarded with some gold. In case of luck, the player will be rewarded with an amount of some $SEC. This is the fastest way to make money. However, the character must be strong enough to defeat the NPCs otherwise, all the gold for buying entrance tickets will be gone.
When you are not battling, you might want to spend as much time as you can in gold mines. This is exactly where you earn even in your sleep! With just a little bit of fee that is paid in gold for entrance, you can start mining.Players will be rewarded with an amount of gold based on the mining time. The longer you mine, the more gold you have, and the more chances you have to get $SEC. There is a note that the player must stay long enough to recover the gold spent to buy the entrance ticket.