About this World

Legend of The 7 Kingdoms is an epic fantasy world, takes place on the fictional globe known as Sedrah. The birth of Sedrah dates back to a trillion years ago.
In the Age of Chaos, the Almighty Gods created one supernatural Rainbow Pearl. The Pearl absorbed the cosmic essence and the Gods’ primordial power, carrying within itself the ultimate mission of ending the infinite darkness and pouring all its energy into the little souls. After an extravagant battle between the Gods and the 7 Guardian Dragons, the Pearl shattered. The Gods sacrificed the flesh, the blood, and the souls of the seven sacred dragons to heal the cracks on the Pearl. The moment the dragon flesh sunk into the Rainbow Pearl came the birth of Sedrah. There were 7 races born as the descendants of these 7 dragons: Chi, Viet, Mogo, Ragna, Sheido, Finx & Remus.
The world of Sedrah happens in an ancient warring states period. It is a time where humans, mythical creatures & spirits co-existed. Even magic and witchcraft is practiced by most. The 7 Kingdoms are constantly at war with each other to expand their territory and power. Many believe that the answer to be the mightiest ruler of all is to obtain legendary weapons, and to pursue the highest knowledge of martial arts. The quest of hunting these weapons and martial recipes is a lifelong quest, alongside unfolding the mysterious nature of Sedrah.