7 Races Information

🌊Our legend takes place in SEDRAH, a mysterious world where 7 races of human battle to be the MIGHTIEST Ruler! Each race has their own advantage, and absolutely rich in personal character. Let's take a look at your soon-to-be hero❗
🔸️Ragna: seafaring warriors occupies West Sea, who are known for their extreme toughness in battle. They use Axes and often be seen wearing apricot shade armor.
🔸️Remus: highly inteligence, Remus people reside in the North-West land of Sedrah. Weapon of choice being gladius. It is said that they are expert in poinson.
🔸️Finx: neighbor to Remus, Finx people rule the South West dessert. Peculiar and unapproachable. They fight using the deadly scythe. Electric is their trump card.
🔸️Mogo: the Mogos are best known for their boldness and bravery. They reside in the high mountain by the North. Fascinating swordmanship using a curved sword, the Mogos have excellence craftmanship with steel.
🔸️Chi: largest kingdom in Sedrah, lay in the middle of the world. The way Chi men fight in battle has always been captivating. With a halberd, they are a quite a danger. Fire is their trademark.
🔸️Sheido: isolate themselves from the rest, Sheido people reside on the East archipelago. Fatal with a katana, Sheido does not share their secret in forging magnificent weapon. Their element is Water.
🔸️Viet: peacefully live among the nature and have a deep connection to all creatures, the Viet locate in South-East of Sedrah. Incredibly fast, they are not to be messed with. The Viet are lance masters.