1st Kingdom - Viet Quoc

Viet Quoc is home to Viet people, one of the first races that ever walked on the surface of Sedrah. Among the seven lands, Viet Kingdom with its rugged terrain was located separately from the mainland.
According to the map, Viet Kingdom lies in the Southeast, the nearest neighbors being Chi and Sheido. Viet territory resembled a giant nautilus shell, with large mountain ranges spreading across the forbidden kingdom and seven different large and small islands surrounding the land. Viet Kingdom is full of sacred forests, poisonous waters, and steep cliffs, where ten of thousand spirits reside and hide countless treasures. It is said that even the legendary Sanguis Turturis Sword is hidden somewhere in Magus Leo Mountain of Viet Quoc, luring many heroes to come search for it each year.
They lived scattered in clusters of villages across the mountain slopes and riverbanks. The primary weapon being used in Viet Quoc is lance made from sacred bamboo.
On Viet land, there are two most valuable ore mines, roughly translated as Ferrum Lunae and Tenent Terram in the ancient language, which provide many precious gems and minerals. Other countries desire rulership over these mines, and battles happen here regularly because of this reason.
The Viets worship Sun Goddess & Moon God, firmly believing that their Emperors & 17 Generals were God-sent to protect the kingdom. They live in harmony with mother nature and take everyone in the country as brothers and sisters.