Free to Play, Play to Earn!
It is COMPLETELY FREE for you to join the world of L7! You can either be a fighter, a strategist, a trader or a REAL ESTATE TYCOON!
The rich gameplay model revolves around turn-based PvP battles will keep players constantly thrilled to strengthen their characters, weapons, upgrade skills and items to win.
Enchanting Daily quests and Main Story quests give players more chances to earn tokens.
Major events and tournaments going along with the game expansion are held weekly for players to join and earn tokens as the winner.
“Bet” is also an exciting feature that allows players to challenge their opponents by betting tokens.
The most outstanding key of The Legend Of The 7 Kingdoms is that you can be a hero in different regions in the world of Sedrah, allowing players to compete for many positions in the ranking board and earn more rewards from that.